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Welcome to!  My name is Mark Colburn and I have over 25 years of experience in the marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, primarily in craft & imported beer, cider and scotch whisky.  I am available on a consulting basis to assist with your marketing and distribution needs.  I have extensive experience creating wholesaler sales force incentives that mirror a brand's positioning while achieving results to special event and promotional strategy execution and chain headquarter presentation preparation.  I can also help you develop a marketing plan, define your target audience, select your beer line up, name it, develop a brand story and can recommend distribution channel and retailer selection - and the management of. I am based in San Francisco. You can reach me at: or 415/850-9394. Also follow me on
Twitter @skumeggedon.  

Check out my book, "Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - Brace for SKUMeggedon," which will assist craft brewers, home brewers looking to take the next distribution step, vintners, distillers, those looking to enter the US beverage industry (such and foreign exporters), On Premise retailers needing advice with beer offerings as well as brewing professors seeking a marketing/distribution text for their classes. I wrote the book after attending craft beer trade conferences where I witnessed packed marketing seminars.  This book addresses many craft brewer, cider, distiller, non alc beverage and home brewer concerns with its 22 chapters. Note that I make no implied or specific guarantees in this book as it is intended for recommendation and suggestion as you build and enhance your business model for your fine brands.

While here click on my blog (updated Feb 2017). I hope you enjoy the site and buy my book via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many fine book stores. Also in "EPUB" Kindle version.  Here's a Feb 2017 book review from a craft beer veteran,
"I've been reading Mark Colburn's excellent 'Craft Beer Marketing and Distribution- Brace for SKUMeggedon.' It's a deceptively small book. It's very densely packed with marketing concepts, ideas, rules and anecdotes. It's already full of post it notes to get me back to important points about KDA's, distributor conversations, management and incentives, social media, packaging, on/off premise... and I haven't even finished it.  All my beer industry friends - you should have this book. Read it, mark it up, and refer back to it when things get crazy."

Take a listen to my radio interview with Ted Ramey and Jason Petros where we talked about my book, the SF International Beer Festival and interesting beer topics. (h
.  The San Francisco International Beer Festival is Northern California's largest. I participated as the keynote speaker presenting an overview of the beer industry, beverage alcohol distribution, target marketing and other craft beer topics.  

Also check out my recent article published on 2/3/17 by the organizers of the International Food Exhibition (London, England).  You can read it at:,4QQ77,FP0DOT,HSFEP,1

I have long been an advocate of the correlation between craft beer and muscle cars. Recently FORD covered a story on my Shinerunnin' Shelbys (see below). We have received national exposure for craft-brewer, Drake's Brewing (San Leandro, CA) by selecting their Dealership (tap room) in Oakland as the back drop for the GT-500 photo shoot. See the winning article at: then enter "Colburn" in the search box. Click on "A Mustang Lover's Epic Proposal."  

Check out my podcast @ Brewer's Click on BN Live, then,"The Session 12/7/15" scroll to minute #38.  From there you can watch/listen to our show that covered distribution and marketing for small craft breweries and home brewers looking to take the
next step.

Special thanks to Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan for selecting my book as their primary text for their Brewing & Marketing course (3 semesters now!) and to Heretic, Anderson Valley and Drake's Brewing for selling my book in their tap rooms! 

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