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You can reach Mark Colburn either through this web site or at  I am available on a consulting basis and can work a half or full day with your team or can spend a week at your facility to help build a marketing plan or to help you install a marketing team.  All expenses will be covered by the client.

Another unique aspect about my service is that I can prepare a major US chain presentation in Power Point as I have presented to the majority of US supermarket chains with most of my experience in the lucrative Northern California/San Francisco Off and On Trade market. I understand how to analyze data and exploit a supplier's strengths while keying in on what US buyers seek. I can also make the presentation on your behalf for inexperienced or time-stretched companies and for foreign exporters looking to gain a foothold in the US market. On that topic I can also conduct US market briefings for foreign Joint Venture groups looking to enter the US marketplace.  For retailers, I can help you select an optimum product mix for your shelves, cooler,  supermarket chain and/or bar.

If you are looking for special event help, I excel in this area and have organized the typical weekend craft beer festival up to goliath events such as the Outside Lands Festival.  I can also train demo/sampling teams on how to sell your brands while exploiting your marketing position within the competitve landscape. Lastly, I can assist with qualitative marketing research such as moderating focus groups and with new flavor/SKU R & D and launch.

Contact me for half, full and week-long consulting projects and rates.  Here are some recent comments about my book:

I have been fortunate to work with Mark very closely. His knowledge, passion, and creativity have helped increase distribution and volume for Karl Strauss Brewing Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mark has been a mentor to me and has played a key role in my development as a beverage industry professional. He is generous with his time and more than happy to offer his counsel. Additionally, his book, “Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution – Brace for SKUMeggedon,” has served as a fantastic learning tool for my team and me.   Peter August, Northern California Sales Manager – Karl Strauss Brewing.

I read Mark’s book and didn't like it...I loved it! As someone in the beverage business myself, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. Thank you. 

Pete Moroz - 
Regional Account Manager, SteadyServe Technologies and with Better Beer Society of Minneapolis-St Paul.

Amazon Customer Review - 5 STARS

 December 9, 2015

By Kevin Murray   This review is from: CRAFT BEER MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION - BRACE FOR SKUMEGGEDON (Paperback)

What a great combination of business acumen and interesting backstories. Entertaining and informative. You’ll want to meet the author and have a beer.

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